Unless you decide to install an off-grid solar system, you will still rely on the electricity grid for some of your power.  The size of your installation depends on different factors, including budget and power usage.


Thai Solar Power can design systems to suit your needs.  Below are guide prices for the various basic solar power systems.

On Grid Systems = Solar panels + electricity grid.


On-grid systems are the simplest and cheapest option, where you take power from solar panels during daylight hours and from the electricity grid during night-time hours.

Hybrid Systems = Solar panels, batteries + electricity grid.


Hybrid systems take power from solar during the day, for daytime power requirements and also charging the batteries. The battery power is then used during darkness hours, and the electricity grid is used as a back up.

Off Grid Systems = Solar panels + batteries only.


Off-grid systems are used when there is no electricity grid connection available or required. Solar panels are used to provide daytime power and to charge the batteries for power during night-time hours.


Find out your exact energy requirements and which system best suits your needs and budget.

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