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Solar Power to the People

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Was John Lennon really talking about solar power…or is that just fake news?

Over the last decade, more and more people in Thailand have been switching to solar power. It makes sense given that Thailand has some of the longest sunshine hours of any country in the world.

Here at Thai Solar Power, our number one priority is to bring power to the people in Thailand, helping home and business owners gain energy independence, protect the environment and save money.

Tied to the Grid

When you buy electricity from the grid, what are you really buying? You might not be too happy to know that you are buying the movement of electrons from one place to another. Moving electrons is all electricity really is. And moving electrons are really useful - we use electricity for pretty much everything nowadays, from lighting, cooking, heating and cooling, to pumping water and even reading this blog post! We struggle to survive without electricity in the modern world.

If electricity is so important to us, why then do we rely on someone else to give it to us rather than making our own? In the past, this wasn't really practical. It was easier to just plug in and pay someone for it at the end of the month. We kind of knew that electricity was generated by polluting coal-fired power plants but we didn't have a viable alternative.

Now though, with the technological advancements of solar power and, more importantly, the decreasing costs of solar installations in Thailand and the rest of the world, we have an easy, clean and affordable alternative - one that is far less polluting to the planet and also saves us money on our electricity bills.


Electricity comes in two different forms… DC or direct current (battery powered devices) and AC, the useful kind that the grid provides. AC is the stuff we use for most of our devices.

Solar panels produce DC power (battery style power) that needs to be converted to be useful. So every solar panel produces DC power and, to make it useful, we use an inverter. Solar panels make the electrons move and we use an inverter to convert DC to AC, giving us our very own power plant at our homes and businesses.

There are three different solar power systems you can choose from, but all work on the same basic principle: 

☀️ Solar panels convert sunlight into DC power using the photovoltaic (PV) effect.

☀️ The DC power can be converted by a solar inverter into AC power, or stored in a battery. 

☀️ The AC power is then used to power electrical appliances in your property.

Find out more about the three solar power systems available - On-Grid, Hybrid and Off-Grid

Power to the People

You can now easily have your own solar power system to power your house or business. You can control your own electricity, meaning you are no longer dependent on the rising costs of electricity from the grid, you know where your power has come from and that it’s not damaging the environment, and best of all you save money.

At Thai Solar Power, we can help you work out which solar power system is best for your needs, source the best technology, and manage the installation process from start to finish for an effortless transition to solar energy. We can even help you with solar installation financing to finance your project.

With the decreasing cost of solar energy in Thailand and vast improvements in technology, there's never been a better time to install solar energy for your home or business and generate your own power.

Get in touch with us today so we can tell you how much money you can save and how quickly you will get to enjoy your own FREE electricity.

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